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Hi and Hola! We are the Castejóns! We live in Charleston, SC. We cook a lot-Alfonso professionally and me, Rachel, whenever I’m inspired or, you know, hungry. Our story together started in Seville, Spain and then migrated back to my college town here in South Carolina. I grew up around a lot of home cooking and Alfonso kind of fell into cooking on accident, but at the end of the day we both enjoy the planning, preparation, and the sharing of a meal. Add a wine or beer pairing and we might never get up from the table!

Our dream is to one day own our own restaurant that can find it’s home among the food and beverage powerhouses that are Charleston’s best restaurants. The climb to the top in the culinary world is tough and there have been times when we thought that it wasn’t worth it to go for something so difficult, but eventually we always come back around. That’s how dreams work, right?

We would love for you to come hang out with us here as we navigate the food and bev life. Follow us and our food creations on the blog or on Instagram at @thecastejons for some foodie inspiration!


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