Art by Atlanta

I had originally planned to head to Atlanta, see my friend, eat at some cool, new places, and take some drool-worthy foodie photographs. But, I got side-tracked by all the art out in the open throughout the streets of the ATL. Art and food go hand in hand. Both give you a window into their creators and the good ones make you want to knock on the door and come inside.


Most of the photographs in this post were taken on or near the beltline in the heart of Atlanta. The beltline is a work in progress that includes a wide cement walkway that plays hosts to walkers, bicyclers, skateboaders, you name it. With art installations along the way and cute shops and restaurants that open up to the beltline, you could spend all day there. And we did.


It is worth pointing out a special series of installations titled “Tiny Doors Atlanta”. They are very small doors placed throughout the city with no real instructions on finding them. I understand there are about 10 scattered around, and we found 3!





We hit up an antique shop/hip new clothes/cool artist warehouse/burlesque event space too. (That is all the same place!) You will want to buy everything- even the crazy stuff- so take your millions.




We are obviously a foodie family and that will never change, but we are super excited to show you a bit of our traveling side- even if it is just to Atlanta, GA. Southeasterners, where are your favorite weekend getaways?

Check out the rest of the art by Atlanta below and don’t forget to tag #castejontravel on Instagram while you’re on the road seeing the world!






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