Top 10 reasons to love Bay Street Biergarten

Alfonso and I are AT LEAST monthly visitors to Bay Street Biergarten. They do bier, dinner, and brunch for Charleston’s breezy crowd. If you love boozing it up on a tricked out patio, playing cornhole, watching your favorite football team, and drinking lots of beautiful biers, this is the place for you. There are hundreds of reasons to love Charleston’s favorite beer joint, but here are The Castejóns’ top 10.

1. Massive Selection of Delicious Biers


The best reason to head over to Bay Street Biergarten is obviously the bier. Dark biers, light biers, local biers, foreign biers, and ciders make up the more than 30 craft biers constantly on tap. There is something for every picky palate in the bunch! Whether it is a boozy brunch, an afternoon happy hour, or a late night dance party, their bier hits the spot. It is also recommended as hair of the dog. In fact, this might be their greatest power.

2. Popcorn Gator


After a bier or two you’re going to need something salty, crunchy, and preferably fried. Enter the Popcorn Gator: new to me, tastes like chicken, perfectly spiced, and doused in drinkable sauce. These bitty gators are slightly picante and perfectly accompanied by some sweet peppers and deliciously washed down with a nice, cold amber bier. I’m giving this dish an “H” for hard to share- you’re going to want them all to yourself!

3. Tots


Sit down. I want to talk to you a minute about the tots. Bathed in a demi-glace. Smothered in a silky cheese sauce. Topped with crunchy little pieces of green onion. Going on my deathbed menu. We have these tater tots almost every time we go to Bay Street Biergarten and the times that we don’t, I always regret it. I feel like these are the best of the best- like the awesome dish a chef comes up with when everyone has long gone from the kitchen after dinner service and she is starving. These tots are representative of the chef’s soul. Now that I’ve waxed poetic about potatoes, we can move on. But, we will never forget.

4. Half-priced Burger Mondays


Who doesn’t love a good burger? I sho do. And on Mondays they are half-priced! Try and say no to that beautiful baby. We love our burgers classic: cheddar cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato, red onion, mustard, ketchup, and mayo. But, if you dare to be different, there are 4 others to choose from, including a veg option. There is no good reason not to head to the Biergarten on Mondays for your half-priced burger. No reason. None. Just go.

5. Outdoor Fútbol


Do you like to watch fútbol? Are you tired of being inside four walls? Come on down to Bay Street Biergarten! With 2 giant T.V.s (maybe 3?) outside there is always sports games going on for you sports people to watch. Alfonso was pleased and once the Argentina Copa America game came on all I saw was the back of his head. So, belly up to the bar and watch your favorite team in the warm sunshine!

6. Cajun Chicken Wings


I don’t think anything is more of a quintessential accompaniment to bier than chicken wings. The Cajun spices just kick it up a notch. The cold, creamy ranch and the crunchy, fresh celery bring the whole bite home. Wash it down with a Westbrook White Thai and you remember that life’s true purpose is to eat, drink, and be merry with good friends and family. There is nothing better than that perfect, meaty bite of chicken wing, except maybe…

7. Eating Cajun Chicken Wings on the Sunny Patio


What’s one step up from the perfect chicken wing? Eating that chicken wing in your favorite Spanish political party t-shirt under the Charleston summer sunshine. One of my favorite parts of Bay Street Biergarten is their list-topping patio. Sip your bier, munch your snacks, watch your game, play some cornhole, catch up with friends, and soak in the rays. You can even bring your pooch- the one on the leash AND the one you got from drinking too much bier! Everything good about Bay Street Biergarten is one level more awesome on their patio.

8. Shrimp Po Boys


When in Charleston, have the shrimp. Just go ahead and jot that down in your life lessons notebook. This sandwich is the bomb! Sorry for the early 2000’s high school slang, but it had to be said. The shrimp are super crispy and perfectly cooked, layered in between juicy bursts of summery grape tomatoes. I have a secret…I’ve never actually HAD a po boy before this one. I know, gasp. I’ve had all the components separately, but never the sandwich. BSB has definitely set the bar high for any future po boys I may order.

9. Cocktails for the Wierdos (like me!)


So if you go to Bay Street Biergarten and don’t try one of the many, many biers you are probably crazy. But, if you don’t at least taste one of their hand-crafted cocktails you are missing out. I was on a bier ride until I saw the One Cool Cat cocktail made with Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka. I had to have it. It is a nice light stopover between dinner and dessert, or just something refreshing if you are not in to heavy bier for the day, but your spouse is pulling a Homer Simpson on Duff. And be not apprehensive, vodka foes, they have bourbon and gin options too.

10. German Chocolate Cake


You might be a grown-up. You might pay the bills. You might be drinking on a Sunday afternoon because you can. But, no one is too grown-up to crack a child-like grin when this chocolate cake is set in front of them. Rich chocolate, smooth vanilla ice cream, and boozy cherries combine to make you wish you had just eaten an entire meal of Bay Street Biergarten’s German Chocolate Cake.

Don’t come to Charleston and not stop by Bay Street Biergarten downtown. Or worse, live here and not be a regular. Go for the bier. Go for the patio. Or go for the food. Just go.

Cheers, y’all!